Monday, December 13, 2010

The Lady Gaga Coffee Makers

What happens?
The coffee shop industry is in crisis! Desperate to increase in-store sales, Starbucks installs a line of life-size Lady Gaga Coffee Makers.

But when out-of-work actress-turned-assistant manager Margot Kidder accidentally dumps her leftover lasagna into the machines instead of coffee, the Lady Gaga Droids malfunction and start scalping business executives up and down Madison Avenue!

Without fresh coffee to wake up the branches of the military, the First Lady calls on Rocketboy to stop the Lady Gaga Droids. With only Tony Danza to help him, Robby heads for New York City to save the coffee-drinking public from this demonic force…before it’s too late!

Inspiration for the Cover
There is nothing better than a backview of Rocketboy. And not just for perverted reasons! His jetpack is one of the coolest features of his costume, and this finally gave us the chance to showcase this marvelous accessory. And we also get to see his ass.