Thursday, November 25, 2010


What Happens?
The Showgirls of Las Vegas keep a closely guarded secret among their pasty-clad ranks – the hidden location of Cinderella’s glass slippers! Crushed and transformed into go-go boots of gold, legend has it that their wearer will be given the gift of immortal beauty.

When a Flamingo Showgirl Reject blabs about the shoes whereabouts to Queen Cherry in exchange for a ham sandwich, the evil empress and her shirtless Galaxy Guards tear apart Sin City searching for the magic boots! With the city in crisis, Rocketboy cancels his eyebrow waxing appointment and takes off for Las Vegas to find the shoes before she does.

But it’s going to take more than a simple game of fetch for Rocketboy and Queen Cherry to claim the boots on their own. The International Council of Strippers and Massage Therapists challenge the mother and son to a dancing duel.

Whoever shakes their booty the best will be awarded the go-go boots…while the loser will have to marry Las Vegas comedian and steroid-head Carrot Top!

The Inspiration for the Cover
Only the poster for the Cher/Christina movie BURLESQUE could conjure up such a fabulous cover...and the most convoluted story to go with it!!!

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