Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beware...The Night of the Pussyman!

What happens?
Who is that stalking the night? Sneaking through the alleyways? Snooping inside bank vaults? (And stealing Rocketboy’s underwear?!?) No, it’s not Tina Yothers… It’s the Pussyman!

Robby’s ex-boyfriend Klytus Katskill is in town – and he’s more obsessed with the retail clerk/go-go boy/mesh underwear model than ever before. When Robby rejects his engagement at a pajama party fundraiser for homeless game show hosts, Klytus tries to kill himself with an overdose of Meow Mix. But instead of committing suicide, Klytus will soon be planning a massive genocide as he is reborn into an unleashed force of terror!

Faster than you can say “Someone Change The Kitty Litter!” - the Pussyman is born. He gives Rocketboy two choices: either love him…or die!!!

Inspiration for the Cover
The Cheetah is one of the best villains - and most underused ones in terms of her pure potential of greatness - to ever face Wonder Woman. While there have been many incarnations of her (including the current version which looks like Hello Kitty on steroids) our heart belongs to the Super Friends version. Here's to you, Pussyman! We'll leave some cream out on the porch for you.


  1. Best origin ever! Even though it didn't work out between Rocket/Pussy- I hope the Homeless Game Show hosts are doing okay!

  2. Wink Martindale is doing okay. As you know, he's very accomodating.