Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Worst Dinner Party Ever

What Happens?
What does a new superhero do to introduce himself to the influential "Who's Who" of American society? Throw a dinner party! But Robby can't cook, so he makes it a potluck instead.

Between Nancy Pelosi's Rocky Mountain Oysters and Hilary Clinton's Swedish Meatballs, no one is having a very appetizing meal. The final straw is when Sarah Palin serves Baked Alaska to Michelle Obama in black face...and then the whole party just goes right to hell.

And for the mini-story: who DOESN'T want to know what's on Margot Kidder's grocery list?!?

Inspiration behind the cover:
The wonderful catfights between Lois Lane and Lana Lang fighting over Superman. Just imagine what those two would bring to a potluck!

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