Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rocketboy vs. The Penetrator

What Happens?
All of the travel agents in San Francisco are missing! Is it the bad economy it The Penetrator's evil scheme to destroy intercontinental relations between the United States and resort communities in the Caribbean, Australia, and Nicaragua?

Rocketboy skips his Spin Cycle class to face this demon head-on. Usually at the TOP of his game, Robby must use his VERSATILE powers to get at the BOTTOM of this situation.

The Bonus Story: Sales are sluggish. And the easiest way to make payroll? Show off boy's butts!

Inspriration for the Cover
This is our tribute to the "tentacle-porn" that seems to engage every male superhero out there. Even Superman was strapped up to a ridiculous device that looked like it was about to ram into him like Ricky Martin at a Menudo Reunion Tour!

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