Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mommie Dearest 2: Queen Cherry

What Happens?
Rocketboy only fears three things: bad haircuts, pussycats, and his mother: Queen Cherry.

Empress of the faraway planet Allura, she was made queen of the galaxy on one condition: that she could provide the king a son. Giving birth to Robby, Queen Cherry promptly murdered the King and claimed the crown as her own.

Fearful that Robby would one day overthrow her kingdom, she set out to kill her baby boy as well - but the infant was rocketed to Earth by his nanny, raised by the Amish in Nebraska, and ran away to San Francisco to fulfill his destiny as a go-go boy, retail clerk, and superhero!

The Essay Contest: Win A Rehab of Your Choice. Such a ridiculous contest. I'm surprised it's not real.

Inspriration Behind The Cover
Batman had a fantastic villian named Magpie. This is our big, wet, French kiss to her.

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